Automatic Stick Pack Machines
Vacuum Packaging Machines
Sterilizing, washing, drying and sachet packing machine Cooling Machines
Converting Machines
Package Stuffing & Closing Machines
Accumulating and Related Machines and many more.

Most of these goods are created in Indian water packing machine native itself and are regularly updated so as to increase the efficiency and accuracy and rate as well. Some of the producers in Indian native exclusively manufacture program for the goal of exporting only. Every item packaging product is known for its some or the other benefit and there easy application in the market activities. Among various benefits of the Indian native produced item packaging gadgets that are exported, are low consumption of electricity, easier operation, quick item packaging, low maintenance, etc that make Indian native to be among the major exporters of item packaging gadgets around the world.
Machines for Packaging Requirements in Medication Sector

Unlike other industrial such as foods, substances and heavy weight products, drug products need careful attention and concern for item packaging. A small change in excellent high quality of drugs might lead to drastic results. NKP Pharmaceutical provides item packaging accessories exclusively engineered to suit medicine market. Our range of filling accessories is personalized for different type of food packaging machine medicinal products.

Injectable Dry Powdered Stuffing Machine with Rubberized Stoppering

NKP Pharma's computerized injectable dry powder filling product is an elite design item packaging product is applied in drug industry to fill stoppering of dry powder (preferably various kinds of medicines in powder form) that need to be injected into vials. It is built with machine belt whose rate is controllable depending on the variety of vials to be filled for each moment.

Special Mechanism in Injectable Dry Powdered Filling


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